Home / 7 reasons why RAW WILD is good for your dog

A dog truly eating well is so much happier, and loves you so much more. Why not feed your best friend the best? 


All protein, all organic, all natural, balanced nutrition and all WILD; what more could you feed your dog?


If my pup’s body doesn’t have to fight the ill-effects of antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones and slaughterhouse scrap, it can spend that energy on a long and healthy life.


Less poop to clean up, because they are small enough that birds take them away.  Anything left is small, hard and odorless.


With no real regulation of the pet food industry, and knowing this product is all natural, all organic, and what a dog’s biological makeup demands, it is the obvious choice.


This product does nothing to support Chinese imports of unregulated products.  It does nothing to increase the suffering of slaughterhouse animals.  It protects dogs from 4D proteins, and it uses sustainably harvested meat from wild animals Elk and Deer.


Feel better about buying a product that costs me less each day than a Starbucks latte, but that makes my dog happier, healthier, live longer, and have fewer health problems.